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Slitherlink PD is a logic puzzle game in a similar vein to Picross or Minesweeper.

Complete puzzles by creating a single line loop. Cells with numbers indicate how many of their four sides make up part of the loop.

  • 90 puzzles unique to this game of growing size and difficulty.
  • Full tutorial.
  • Crank controls to undo and redo your moves.
  • Graphical options for visual accessibility.
  • Also playable in the free Playdate simulator.

Slitherlink PD can be sideloaded onto your Playdate in multiple ways. See Panic's official instructions here.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorSp*ecial Games
Tags1-bit, 2D, Casual, Pixel Art, Playdate, Retro, Singleplayer


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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I am really enjoying this challenging puzzle game! It gives me something different than picross puzzles to think about! 

It would be great if we could set a checkpoint in the game when we start making an assumption. Then if it does not work we could revert back to this point. 

It is otherwise challenging to keep track of where the assumption was made and I end up restarting the whole puzzle... I am hoping for an update;)

Hey, glad to hear you're enjoying the game!

Some kind of "try it out" mode is something I had considered during development, Picross DS did something similar.

Honestly, it's something that is unlikely to be added. It would be quite a lot of work, and I'm putting all my effort in to Tiny Train Sim now.

If I ever do any kind of sequel then maybe it would make it in that.

Personally, if I get to a point in a puzzle where I need to rule out an option then I like to draw a line/cross and then draw over it multiple times before continuing. Then once I have ruled out that particular path of logic I will undo until I reach the point that I started "guessing" that will be essentially flashing (drawing then re-drawing). Hopefully that makes sense and is of some use.

This gif might make my method a little clearer:


Oh interesting way of marking your progress! I'll give it a go!

And you're right about picross DS. I can't remember which version did this but that's exactly what I was referring to!


This is an amazing game. My ophthalmologist will be less than pleased with me, but I can't put it down


Oh! I just discovered the "large" number option in the settings area. For anybody else struggling with the size, that might be enough to get you by. It certainly helped me.

So glad you're enjoying it!


I suck butts at this but it's great and is really well implemented on PD!

Thank you for your comment!

There are plenty of tips out there if you're looking for some new strategies: https://www.conceptispuzzles.com/index.aspx?uri=puzzle/slitherlink/techniques

You certainly don't need to learn all of them, but getting you're head around a few that you hadn't yet figured out might be useful.


This game is so good, but really challenging. Great work!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment.


Loving this game!


I love hearing this!

Thank you for your support!


Thank you for creating this - it's cool! One piece of feedback - it may be worth experimenting with font size and screen layout. Everything is pretty small, even after changing all settings to Large.


Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

I'm currently working on a small update that, among other things, will increase the size of some of the UI.

Should be ready in a few days. Thank you for the feedback!

I've got everything turned up to large and it's very fiddly. Maybe I need new glasses, or shouldn't play at the end of the day...?

I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling with the size of the game.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the screen, I can't make the cells any larger without making the puzzles smaller.

Please feel free to apply for a refund if you aren't happy with your purchase.

No that's ok. I just need to be in a very well lit area. (and I will get my prescription checked!) I suppose a way of making the puzzle zoom in and our (like pixelogic on iOS) would be really good. But I doubt that's an easy solution! :)


Yeah, the game isn't really built for that unfortunately.

The game was almost entirely built before I even got my hands on an actual Playdate. I've definitely learnt a lot about the limitations of the screen size with this project and I will take what I've learnt in to my next project.

I'm thinking of releasing a demo so people can decide for themselves if they feel it's a problem. It personally doesn't bother me when I'm playing, but you're not the first to make similar comments.

Thank you for your support and understanding.